Pedal, Paddle, Pound!

12 August, 2018

What is a Pedal Paddle Pound? A triathlon, only with paddling instead of swimming!

  • 19 km cycle to Cassidy Point
  • 13 km canoe or kayak from Cassidy Point to the Yellowknife River bridge
  • 7 km run from bridge back to the start


Pedal Paddle Pound
What: A biking, paddling and running triathlon
When: Sunday, August 12th
What Time: Sign in at 9:00AM , Race starts at 9:30AM
Where: First roadside turnout on the Ingraham Trail
Registration: just search “Yellowknife”. (Registration now open)

What is the route?
Bike from the starting point to Cassidy Point (approx 19km). Paddle from Cassidy Point to the Yellowknife River Bridge (approx. 13km), with a short portage at Tartan Rapids.  Run from the bridge back to the start point (approx 7km).

Click here for the Peddle Paddle Pound 2018 Route Map

Can I do it as a team?
Absolutely. Pretty much anything goes. You can complete the whole event as a pair so that you can canoe together, or have three team members do one leg each.

How will I transport my gear?
You are responsible for dropping off and picking up your boat. Volunteers will be at Cassidy Point by 8:15 and the YK River bridge to keep an eye on the boats. Please give yourself enough time (about 40 minutes) to drop off your boat and get back to the start point before check-in.  Volunteers will transport the bikes from Cassidy Point back to the starting point.

What safety equipment do I need?
Bike helmets and PFDs are required for all racers. Standard paddling safety equipment (i.e. bailer and throw bag for canoes, paddle float and pump for kayaks) is highly recommended.

 You are responsible for your own safety on the water; the club does not have any water rescue capability during this race. Please be aware of weather conditions and your own skill level when planning your race.

What is the paddling route?
Please click here for the route map. The Yellowknife River is very wide in some sections.  In general, keep to river right. Please take a map and paddle with a friend if you are unfamiliar with the route.

Can I run Tartan Rapids?
No, everyone must take a short portage (less than 150m) on river left.

Please join us for lunch after the race!
Interested in volunteering? Email 


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