YKMC/YK True North Rotary Club – Fun Run/Walk Challenge – Event 2/6

June 30, 2019 – Join the Yellowknife Multisport Club and Yellowknife True North Rotary Club at the Field house for the 2nd of 6 organized 5-6km fun runs/walks this season.

Complete 3 or more of these fun run/walks and you will complete the challenge thereby receiving a Glorious Medal and the adoration of all your friends and family who lack this experience and medal!

For this Run/Walk we will start at the ceremonial Circle at the end of the flags following the route as shown in the attached map. The route is approximately 5k according to Strava, but may be a little bit longer.

This is a fun run/walk. You may be concerned about running on the rocks. You do not have to run on the rocks if you are not comfortable doing that. Come out and enjoy the wonderful Frame Lake Trail with friends and/or family and don’t hurt yourself. We will have a few people on the trail to assist people if someone runs into an issue.

There are no gender categories or prizes for first place, the only requirement is that you come out and have a good time. Race hard and get your best 5K time if you want, walk with your friends or family and have a nice day out celebrating our city and being active. There will be a door prize for a free entry into any event in the Overlander Race.

Date: June 30, 2019

Cost: Age 16 and under is free! 17 and above is $10.

Starting line: Beside entrance to field house

Check in: is 9:30am – Runs/walks start at 10:00am


**Course will be marked with flagging, trail markers and signage. Timing chips will be provided if you want one. **

**There are no water stations on this course, bring your own water and food if required.**


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