YKMC Fun Run/Walk Challenge

Maybe you worked hard to get that learn to run 5k complete or are currently working on it.  Maybe you wanna show off your 5k talents and be a part of a race.  Or maybe you want to get out as a family and take part in a great community event.

Lucky for whoever you want to be, throughout this season the Yellowknife Multisport Club will be hosting a series of ~5k Runs/walks. 

These are no stress fun runs are designed with everyone in mind.  The event will be between 5km and 6km.  Families, runners and walkers we encourage everyone to come out to these runs.  There are no rules of how you have to run these events; walk, run or run/walk its all good.  These are Fun NON-Competitive events.  If you have young children who want to bike next to you that is great too!

Throughout the year there will be 6 of these run/walks.  These events will showcase some of the interesting places to run or walk in Yellowknife.

If you complete 3 or more of the 6 races you will qualify for “glorious medal of the highest quality” and bragging rights that you completed the first ever YKMC Fun Run/Walk Challenge!

Registration for these events will be $10 (Under 16 Free), through https://zone4.ca/ and timing chips will be provided to all participants.

The first event will be held Sunday May 19, details to be announced ASAP.

Exclusive Sneak Peek at some of the events:

  • 2 trail races
  • 1 or 2 themed races
  • A road race
  • Frame Lake circumnavigation
  • Winter race on the ice

For more information please contact Cameron at the Yellowknife Multisport Club – ykmultisport@gmail.com

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