Race #2 – 2020 5k Fun Walk/Run Challenge – Happy Trails!

June 12-22, 2020 – Walk/run or roll 3km, 5km or Choose your own adventure – with Yellowknife Multisport Club and Yellowknife True North Rotary Club!

!!Do not go on any trails that are unfamiliar to you!!! If you wish to take an unfamiliar trail please ask around if someone knows the way and can guide you. In particular for the Ingraham trail routes. We don’t want any participants getting lost in the woods.

Race #2 – Happy Trails!

We are excite to announce the much anticipated 2nd event in the  “5k Fun Walk/Run Challenge” where you complete 3 or more of these challenges to earn a Glorious Series Medal and the adoration of all your friends and family who lack this experience and medal!  There WILL be a special prize for participants that complete every single event this year.  Trust me… you want to get this prize! (Please identify to me that you plan to try get this prize in the comments to race director at registration)

This event is a virtual event that can be completed between June 12-22, 2020 with June 12 7:00pm and June 13 Noon being kickoff Zoom meetings to go over the rules. 

We may be in phase 1 or 2 of this COVID world, but all participants will respect the Chief Public Health Officers rules.  People should ABSOLUTELY NOT be doing this as an organized group run.  If you are doing this with any group arrangement do it according to the rules of the day from the GNWT, exercising physical distancing at all times.  READ THE WAIVER CAREFULLY.

We will suggest a number of  trails you can run in Yellowknife.  Plan your own route outside and physically distant from others and complete it at your own pace and when convenient to you. It’s your choice. Walk/Run/Roll – anything non-motorized – just be legal and be safe! Do it on your own time between June 12-22! June 12 and 13 Zoom information meetings will be the starting coral to your week of adventure!

REGISTRATION —> https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=23949&lan=1&cartlevel=1



As usual please note this is a fun non-competitive event!

When running on trails be sure to:

  • bring a phone with you for emergency,
  • plan proper fueling (food/water),
  • dress for the conditions, proper footwear being extremely important,
  • Watchout for and stay clear of all wildlife, 
  • plan your route to avoid congestion and traffic,
  • DO NOT use headphones,
  • notify someone of your route, started and finish (RoadID and Strava have an app!)
  • Be reasonable in your choice of trail to complete this on and choose a route that is suitable for you physically.

As with all Series events, there are no prizes for first place. The only requirement is that you participate and have a good time. Run for a PB, walk with a dog or just have a nice day out celebrating how awesome we/you are!!

Date: Between June 13-22, 2020

Cost: $10 (participants aged 17** and under are free) 

**Register under 17 year olds separate from any paying participants to avoid charges related to the 17 and under registration

Check in/Start Line:

Virtual starting corral on Zoom (optional):  June 12, 7:00pm will be a Zoom information sessionThere will be another information session at Noon on June 13, 2020 for those of you who cannot make it to the June 12, 2020 meeting. Instructions will also be emailed to participants along with suggested routes on June 13.

Race Time:  June 13, 2020 to June 22, 2020

Finish line:

To complete this event you will enter your time/distance and a picture of you on the trail or the trail itself into a ZONE4 interface. 

Bear with us as this is totally new to all of us. You do have to have a time entered to qualify for credit towards your 3 races in this series and the medal. 

If you are unable to enter your time please email the race director your results (by June 25, 2020) so your hard work can be credited to you.


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