Event #5 2020 Fun Run/Walk – September Scavenger Hunt!

Event #5 2020 Fun Run/Walk Challenge – September Scavenger Hunt!

The much anticipated 5th event is finally being announced. Its not a run like you are used to, but it will get you out and active in the community! (Final event of 2020 is the October 12 Turkey Trot)

As always if you complete 3 or more of these challenges to earn a Glorious Series Medal and the adoration of all your friends and family who lack this experience and medal! There WILL be a special prize for participants that complete every single event this year. Trust me… you want to get this prize! (Please identify to me that you plan to try get this prize in the comments to race director at registration)

This event is virtual and is to be completed between September 1 and 20, 2020

Exercising physical distancing at all times. READ THE WAIVER CAREFULLY.

Plan your own route inside or outside and physically distant from others and complete it at your own pace.

Register here –> https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=24371&lan=1&cartlevel=1

For this event you will complete 4 or more of the following 10 tasks and uploading pictures participating to a Zone4 results page.

  1. walk the Frame Lake Trail and take a picture at the Marylyn Robertson plaque.
  2. Hike the nature trail at Prelude lake. (Either trail)
  3. Climb the stairs at Pilots monument 2 times and take a picture
  4. Go for a walk from Bristol monument and walk both sets of stairs behind the cemetery in the valley.
  5. Get a picture in the back bay cemetery on the bridge built by rotary!
  6. Hike the prospectors trail at Fred Henne and get a picture in the bog area or some area that is interesting.
  7. Get a picture in 2 of Yellowknife’s tennis courts.
  8. Walk a dog at the SPCA OR at least walk the ATV trail along the bypass road for at least the block that SPCA is on.
  9. Choose one of your own adventures in Yellowknife and make it super fun!!
  10. On September 20 between 2pm and 4pm meet the wonderful rotary volunteers in Rotary Park and get a picture with us. (Pick up your medal if you have completed 3 events.)

Finish line:

Enter your results in Zone4 to finish the event by midnight September 21, 2020

If you are unable to enter your time please email the race director your results via email (by September 22, 2020) so your hard work can be credited to you.

**There are NO exceptions to this rule, please don’t ask – We are finalizing medal/prize requirements for the 6th event and need to know who completed this event for our numbers.**

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